Technology consulting

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Technology training

Infosimples provides training in computing theories and technologies for companies and universities.

We have trained professionals to work in several fields: web development, artificial intelligence, data extraction and analysis, databases, non-relational database, search systems, among others.


Global infrastructure managing

Infosimples manages servers and applications in the cloud and in dedicated environments on several regions through the world.

Our team has experience in situations where applications have increased from a few hits to thousands of hits per minute.


Software architecture design

Infosimples helps to design distributed software, maintainable, scalable and reliable.

We consider the use of databases, caching systems, search systems, logging systems and distributed queuing systems.

Innovation and new products

Creation of innovative products

Infosimples develops its own products and has helped several companies to create new products.

We help to take the first step with lean approaches and recommendations on design, marketing and setting revenue sources.

Project rescue

Technology consulting

Infosimples rescues projects that have not been completed or that needs to be updated.

If the developer who began your project is no longer available, Infosimples can help you continue the work without losing your investment.

A qualified team

Guaranteed work with above the average professionals

Infosimples was founded by computer engineers graduated at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo. All professionals were graduated on renowned universities.

In every project, developers with years of professional experience on software development are allocated.

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