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Infosimples Robot

Data extraction

Scrape web pages, texts, images and videos over the Internet or in books, PDFs or Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


Organize billions of documents and find any of them instantly. We are friends with Apache SOLR, Sphinx, CloudSearch and the crisp Lucene.

Classification and score

Automatically classify something as good or bad (sentiment analysis), segment your data and make personalized recommendations.

Hidden relationships

Use Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques to learn from your data. Yes, we're talking about diapers and beers on a friday night.

Predictive analysis

Know today what's going to happen tomorrow and change the course of history. Act earlier and make better decisions.

Data in the cloud

Use the power of the cloud with parallel computing (map-reduce) and NoSQL databases to process your data much faster and cheaper.

Charts and stats

Monitor your business by visualizing results in web portals, by receiving periodic emails and with spreadsheets and PDFs.

Use Big Data technology

Work with state of the art open source technologies to get the most from your data. Scale your business in your way.

A qualified team

Guaranteed work with above the average professionals

Infosimples was founded by computer engineers graduated at the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo. All professionals were graduated on renowned universities.

In every project, developers with years of professional experience on software development are allocated.

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