The greatest invention of life

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I've always felt that death is the greatest invention of life...
without death, life didn't work very well
because it didn't make room for the young.

It (the young) didn't know how the world was fifty years ago.
It didn't know how the world was twenty years ago.
It saw it as it is today, without any preconceptions,
and dreamed how it could be based on that.

We're not satisfied based on the accomplishment of the last thirty years.
We're dissatisfied because the current state didn't live up to their ideals.
Without death there would be very little progress.

One of the things that happens in organizations as well as with people
is that they settle into ways of looking at the world and become satisfied with things
and the world changes and keeps evolving and new potential arises
but these people who are settled in don't see it.

That's what gives start-up companies their greatest advantage.
The sedentary point of view is that of most large companies.

The Greatest Invention of Life by Steve Jobs

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