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Clients satisfaction survey results of 2015
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Here at Infosimples, every year we conduct a satisfaction survey to collect the opinions of clients about our services and to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our services in the eyes of those who use it.

The survey results enable us to evolve and deliver a better service year after year.

On december 2015, we sent our most recent survey to 20 companies who use a data automation service we provide, and in this article we will share a compilation of the results.

Infosimples solutions evaluation

The first part of the survey was about how much the solutions meet the clients' needs and how easy it is to integrate existing systems with the Infosimples APIs.

Infosimples solutions evalutation

Infosimples client support evaluation

The client support evaluation worried us because of the perception of agility with a level lower than we would like, even though the professionals were considered to have excellent/good qualification.

We are already taking actions to improve support agility. We expect to see an expressive improvement on the next satisfaction survey.

Infosimples client support evaluation

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This was our first Net Promoter Score (NPS) evaluation.

"How likely is it that you would recommend Infosimples to a friend or colleague?"

The answer to this question refleclects the client's loyalty and willingness to recommend the solution to others.

This metric usually ranges from -100 to + 100.

Net Promoter Score Scale

The result was a +60 NPS. We consider this a good result because:

  • The software industry NPS in 2015 was +19*
  • There were no detractors (scores 0 through 6) - 0% detractors
  • Promoters (scores 9 and 10) represented 60% of respondents
  • Passives (scores 7 and 8) represented 40% of respondents

We believe this metric will be more helpful from the next survey on, when it will be possible to analyse our NPS evolution.



We would like to thank all respondents for having dedicated some minutes to answer the questions. The results are being very important on our plan for the starting year.

We wish a great 2016 for everyone!

*Source: Satmetrix 2015 Consumer Net Promoter Benchmarks

The greatest invention of life
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Running a Company

I've always felt that death is the greatest invention of life...
without death, life didn't work very well
because it didn't make room for the young.

It (the young) didn't know how the world was fifty years ago.
It didn't know how the world was twenty years ago.
It saw it as it is today, without any preconceptions,
and dreamed how it could be based on that.

We're not satisfied based on the accomplishment of the last thirty years.
We're dissatisfied because the current state didn't live up to their ideals.
Without death there would be very little progress.

One of the things that happens in organizations as well as with people
is that they settle into ways of looking at the world and become satisfied with things
and the world changes and keeps evolving and new potential arises
but these people who are settled in don't see it.

That's what gives start-up companies their greatest advantage.
The sedentary point of view is that of most large companies.


Copyrights in Social Media (webinar)
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Events Running a Company

Copyrights in Social Media - Patrícia Peck Pinheiro Advogados

September 18, thursday, 11h AM PST

Patricia Peck Pinheiro, Founder, Parter, CEO and Director of Innovation at Patricia Peck Pinheiros Advogados, will present an overview about Copyrights in Social Media.

The limits and permissions for image usage became unkown with the convenience of sharing information on social networks. However, have you ever wondered if the content accessible in the web is open to public use?

Watch the webinar and learn how to share content on social media websites the right way and without legal risks.

You can register to the event through the link:

Read more about: