Amazon Web Services launches Frankfurt (Germany) region

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched today their second region in Europe, this time in Frankfurt, Germany. The new region already supports many services offered by AWS worldwide, including the traditional Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)Elastic Block Storage (EBS)Auto ScalingElastic Load Balancing and Relational Database Service (RDS). Moreover, three new edge locations were included in Frankfurt for Route 53 and CloudFront.

Ireland and Frankfurt regions can now be used together to build multi-region applications with the assurance that all data are hosted in data centers within the European Union. The launch of a region in German soil is probably related to the restrictive data protection laws that companies in that country have to deal with, which limits what can be stored in data centers outside the country.

The table below presents a simple cost comparison between the Frankfurt, N. Virginia (USA), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Ireland (EU) regions. The comparison is based on the cheapest current generation EC2 instance types available on AWS.

Estimated monthly cost (in US$) comparison of an EC2 instance

EC2 instance type N. Virginia (USA) Sao Paulo (Brazil) Ireland (EU) Frankfurt (EU)
t2.micro $9.52 $19.76 $10.25 $10.98
t2.small $19.03 $38.53 $20.50 $21.96
t2.medium $38.06 $79.06 $40.99 $43.92

The prices above were estimated based on the hourly costs listed on the AWS website on 10/23/2014. Frankfurt cost is slightly higher than Ireland's, but still relatively close to N. Virginia's, region which normally has the lowest rates. Another relevant fact to notice is the very high infraestructure cost in Brazil.

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