Artificial Intelligence for your company

Think about a manual task your company does every day on Internet, like analyzing and filling sheets, or searching information about your clients and suppliers.

Wouldn't it be great if you could automate your business?

Our solutions greatly optimize data fetching processes on the Internet and eliminate any possible human errors.

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Every month, our clients run millions of automated actions on hundreds of public Internet websites.

The base technology of our web automation solutions is Web Scraping, but you may also see the term Web Crawling which is often used with a similar meaning.

Our infrastructure has a very complex network, with thousands of nodes spread around the world.

Despite having a huge computational power, we are careful to not overload any website we run automations, and we monitor their statuses 24/7.

With a low response time for the actions requested (1 second on average), our automation enables the creation of lots of new businesses.


More than often, people come to us looking for datasets of public information. We don't offer any offline data! We provide services that automate navigation on websites, which may be used to collect data.

Despite not providing data, most of our clients build intelligent solutions derived from our tools. Below is some of those solutions:

  • Credit analysis;
  • Data base cleaning;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Decision engine;
  • ERPs, CRMs and ecommerce automation;
  • File from individuals;
  • File from organizations;
  • Financial manager;
  • Fraud analysis;
  • Information bureau;
  • Tax systems;
  • Validation of customer data.

We develop intelligent models by training machine learning algorithms on huge collections of unstructured data.

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The main Artificial Intelligence technology we use is named Neural Networks. It's a very old concept and recently it is being called Deep Learning.

A neural network is a mathematical function with many "non linearities" and it's represented by a model of multiple layers of neurons interconected. A neural network can have billions of conections between neurons, which gives it a huge capacity to learn difficult tasks.

Besides being a great fit for decision making systems, some of the most popular applications of neural networks are object recognition on images and videos, audio to text conversion and vice-versa, natural language processing and behavior automation like driving a car.

About us

Ethics, study and work. Hard work!

Infosimples was founded in 2011 by computer engineers graduated at Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo. The company's ambition is to enable the creation of new businesses that makes use of public information.

The company excels at Web Scraping and Deep Learning, two technologies that represent the stated of the art of Internet Browser Automation. Since the early years of the company, we've been working with enterprises looking for high technology solutions and very customized support. Currently we serve the largest information bureaus in Brazil and Internet companies with millions of users.

We belive, in the future, manual labor involving rapid reasoning will be 100% replace by machines. Some changes should happen while we navigate this path: we are all going to work on more difficult tasks, many companies will probably have fewer employees (or at least fewer hours of human work) and we will have to rethink the current model of human labor. At Infosimples, we hope to contribute to making this future come true in an ethical, fair and sustainable way.

We encourage our employees to study and deliver value to society. We offer free courses for students from public universities and we try to publish articles related to the challenges of our work as often as possible.

If you believe we can help you achieve your goals through intelligent technology or if you just want to have a coffee with us at our office, get in touch.

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